Thank you for visiting our website. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” In our current economic times, both federal and State taxes are a certainty.

At Tax & Accounting Associates, our goal is to help our clients to achieve the lowest potential tax liability possible, under the law. This is accomplished by taking advantage of tax adjustments, tax deductions and tax credits, which are used to reduce your tax liability.

Keep in mind as you select a tax firm to represent you for your tax preparation needs that it is not the “Firm” that is preparing your tax returns for you, but the tax professionals who work in that firm that have the training and years of experience.  As always, do your research of the company and never hesitate to ask for credentials.

We are committed to making your tax preparation and accounting experience as simple as possible. We offer a convenient and fully handi-cap accessible facility, with a comfortable environment and privacy for all of our clients.

We assist our clients with their federal and Georgia returns along with the capability of being able to file many other state returns. We offer a secure portal for exchanging sensitive data information and documents right over the internet, which is safe, reliable, secure and most important – FREE to use!

We provide our clients with a paper copy of your tax return when completed. We also offer digital copies in a pdf file format upon request. Our normal method of tax preparation is by Walk-in meetings face-to-face. We do offer appointments for our large businesses, farming and clients with medical situations.

Our prices are very affordable and competitive.

Please feel free to explore our website; we look forward to being able to assist and work with you to meet your income tax needs.

Lou Ann Duckett, EA


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